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9 Plastic Tray Food Dehydrator For Snacks, Herbs, Fruit and Beef Jerky

9 Plastic Tray Food Dehydrator For Snacks, Herbs, Fruit and Beef Jerky

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Looking to make easy, healthy snacks for your family? Get delectable dried fruits, vegetables, and more with this easy-to-use fruit dehydrator. The adjustable racks make it easy to lay out your food and get precise, even drying. Simply set your temperature and timer and come back to delicious fruit, herbs, and more with this fruit dryer & herb dehydrator. Clean up is easy with the dishwasher-safe racks. A trusty dehydrator machine that works better than other dehydrators for food and jerky.

Digital Temperature - From 95o F To 158o F
Great for fruits, herbs, meats and more
Healthiest, easiest, and most economical way to serve your family with wholesome home-made food
Spacious Trays - You have room to preserve beef jerky, fruit, snacks, vegetables, herbs, and more
The trays and the drip tray at the bottom of the unit are all removable & dishwasher safe
The dehydrator circulates warm air to ensure your food product is evenly dried from all angles.
Removable Trays - You can remove one or more trays at a time to make room for thick slices if needed
Rated power: 600W
Digital Timer - Set the timer to automatically shut off your dehydrator at the designated time
Complies with US electrical safety regulations ETL
Great for fruits, fruit-rolls, vegetables, herbs and meats
Box contents: food dehydrator; 9 drying racks; 1 mesh sheet; 1 solid sheet; drip tray; user guide
Fruits, fruit rolls and vegetables: from 130¡ãF to 140¡ãF, this temperature range will help preserve vitamins A and C
Nuts and seeds: best temperature is from 95¡ãF to 105¡ãF
Meats and fish: should be dried on the highest temperature setting; higher temperatures will keep bacteria and other spoilage micro-organisms, to a minimum during the drying process
Herbs and spices: from 95¡ãF to 105¡ãF, try using fresh herbs and spices before they begin to blossom; make sure not to load trays too heavily as this will prolong the drying process

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