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Multipurpose Ozone Sterilizer for Air and Water Air Purifier Portable Home Deodorizing and Disinfecting System

Multipurpose Ozone Sterilizer for Air and Water Air Purifier Portable Home Deodorizing and Disinfecting System

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Has your world ever felt too dusty. Do you feel like germs and bacteria are creeping up on you. Want an innovative solution to purifying your home. Then, the Ivation Multipurpose Ozone Machine for Air and Water is the device for you. This convenient device will provide you with the refreshing reassurance of a clean environment in no time. This ozone purifier works to clean your air or water whenever you need it. Simply power on your device, connect the tube, and set your timer to begin the purification process. You have 2 ways to use your purifier which then branches off to create several benefits to cleansing your environment. Place your device down or mount it on a wall in the open-air space of your living room, office, kitchen, or any other room. Then, let it deodorize your air and eliminate the bacteria and germs in your atmosphere. Or place one end of the tube underwater to create purified water used to clean your hands, food, utensils, and more. This multipurpose purifier will air out and wash away your unsanitary issues.

Adjustable timer - LED control panel displays timer that you can customize to suit your needs
Wide selection of modes - start up your device by selecting one of the 6 modes with ease
Powerful ozone output - purifier dishes out 500 mg/h of ozone to effectively sanitize your environment
No filter hassle - no need to worry about switching out or cleaning filters
Innovative 2-in-1 ozone sterilizer - allows you to deodorize and freshen air
Revitalize air for better breathing - generator converts oxygen (O2) to ozone (O3) to help sanitize germs and other pollutants
Detox your water, fruits and vegetables - multipurpose device makes an ideal kitchen companion, performing a variety of tasks
Decontaminate baby bottles and toys - similar to food, objects may be submerged in water for fast, effective sanitizing
LED controls with timer and accessories - backlit LED display features [4] presets for sanitizing fruits/veggies, meats/fish, water and utensils
Pinnacle of multipurpose use - deodorize your air, purify your water, sanitize your baby products, preserve your food, and more

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