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Medusaeus Turquoise Genuine Leather Manual Recliner with Solid Wood Legs

Medusaeus Turquoise Genuine Leather Manual Recliner with Solid Wood Legs

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This recliner is covered with genuine and vegan leather, modern and sophisticated, which perfectly matches the decor in living rooms, bedrooms, home theaters, or offices. In addition, it has a foldable footrest that allows you to fully stretch and relax, making it comfortable for reading, watching TV, or taking a short nap. The backrest fits the human body curve, providing proper support for the neck, waist, back, etc. The thickened backrest and seat cushion have been specially created to better release the pressure on the back and lower torso. The legs of this recliner are made from durable solid wood. They will hold up under pressure, providing a firm foundation for you.

Product including: 1 recliner, assembly required
Multiple functions: this recliner includes 2 modes-sitting and lying down, the folding footrest design allows you to sleep on the recliner, and enjoy laziness time more comfortably
breathable leather: breathable genuine leather recliner, is durable and easy to clean, Leather with breathable pores has good air permeability, moisture absorption, and sweat removal ability. Even in the hot summer, our recliner can still provide a good experience for you
Comfortable cushioned seat: this recliner will become your new favorite seat in the house, its padded cushion is firm yet soft for ultimate coziness, the high back commands attention and provides support for your spine, there are also convenient armrests for your pleasure and luxury
Safety reminder: due to the design of the process, all recliners will have a small gap between the left and right sides of the back and the seat cushion, for safety reasons, please pay special attention to the use of children at home to prevent pinching
Shipping and after-sale service: we will ship your product asap since we get your order, please contact us if you have any concerns, issues or problems

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