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Coyote Urine by Bare Ground

Coyote Urine by Bare Ground

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Just Scentsational Predator scent has long used by hunters and trappers to mark the grounds and has been known to create a territorial deception. Urines are the perfect illusionary scent. Predator urine scent is particularly noticeable to many small animals. Place around the yard and garden in desored areas to create a perimeter of scent. Repeat the application every couple of weeks or after heavy rains. Recharge Scent is available in 64oz bottles. Use as a recharge for our Scentry Stones, (sold separately), or by themselves.Recharge Scent available in 64 oz bottle.

Predator scent for the home & garden
All natural, organic
Uses illusionary scent to create a deception
Can be used with coyote scentry stone, or on its own
Product is applicable for the following pest types: chipmunks, squirrels, gophers

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