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Blue 120-Volt AC Electric Pump and Inflatable Vinyl Splash N Chill Island Pool

Blue 120-Volt AC Electric Pump and Inflatable Vinyl Splash N Chill Island Pool

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No matter where you go, you can get your inflatable furniture, pool floats, and air mattresses filled and ready to go in no time at all with the Intex 120-Volt Quick-Fill AC Corded Electric Air Pump. This pump is terrific for blowing up everything from you or your kids' favorite inflatable float to pumping up your air mattress. When you've got this electric pump, your floats and airbeds will never go flat again. This super convenient air pump comes with 3 interconnected nozzles for a variety of inflation jobs, plus a Thermo protector incorporated for safety protection. The nozzles fit any size and this pump outputs up to 38.9 CFM of air flow. Grab 6 friends and hop aboard the Intex Inflatable Relaxation Island Raft for a great day out on the lake. There are 6 cup holders and a built-in cooler to keep drinks on hand for everyone. If you're feeling the sun's hot rays, hop into the water and hold onto the boarding platform's grab handles. You can bob alongside the float and easily get back in using the durable grab handles. Oversized backrests make floating extra comfortable for 4 people. The other riders can lay out and get some sun on the float's deck. This raft comes with an anchor bag that you can fill with sand to keep the float moored and a repair patch kit in case you hit some rough wake.

Intex 120-Volt quick-fill AC corded electric air pump
120-Volt pump is great for high-volume low-pressure jobs like pool floats, airbeds, blow-up furniture, and kiddie pools
Simple to use: just plug pump into a standard wall outlet
Includes 3 different sized nozzles to fit small, large, and medium standard air valves

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