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Black Dusk To Dawn Motion Sensing Outdoor Wall Lantern Sconce Light (2-Pack)

Black Dusk To Dawn Motion Sensing Outdoor Wall Lantern Sconce Light (2-Pack)

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With built-in dusk to dawn sensor and motion sensor, this outdoor wall light will automatically turn on when motion is detected in darkness and last for the 60s then turn off. It will automatically turn off in the daytime. Therefore, it can help you save much money by reducing unnecessary power consumption, keeping your home as efficient as possible. This wall lantern can free your hands from manual control, offering more convenience to your daily life.

First mode: auto mode: turn off at dawn, turn on at dusk when motion is detected, last for 5 seconds and then turn off (preset)
Second mode: auto plus mode turn on at night with low-brightness, turn to high-brightness when motion is detected, turn off at dawn
Third mode: PC mode: turn on at dusk and off at dawn, motion detected off
First adjustable setting: time: duration of bright illumination when motion is detected (20-sec to 3-min)
Second adjustable setting: low level: low-level brightness when no more motion is detected (0% to 50%)
Third adjustable setting: sens: motion sensitivity (5 ft. to 40 ft.)
Remove the top cover to show up the adjustable knobs and slide switch
Motion sensor: detection range: 180¡ã, detection sensitivity: 5 ft. to 40 ft., installation height: max 6.5 ft.
Be sure the light is mounted straight on the wall, otherwise, the detection distance may be limited
Waterproof IP33 rated
Notes: when power is first applied, the light will turn on immediately, wait for 100 seconds to allow the sensor to warm up, any operations are invalid during this time

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